our return to Indiana

Matthias had a conference in Indiana, and I tagged along. We left the kids with some good friends and lived up our time back in the hoosier state. His conference was with the ABA section of Environment, Energy, and Resource. We planted trees one day, met some really great people, he attended the conference every day while I shopped, walked around town, watched Anderson Cooper on the tube, worked out, and swam. What a grand time I had being by myself. I feel so weird saying it, but I loved being alone for a couple of days. 

A couple of nights we went out with our friends. Matthias played indoor soccer with Tyler and Nate, we hit Yogulatte, went to a IU soccer game. Our last night we went out to dinner with a law firm that Matthias associates with. They took us to a fancy schmancy restaurant and we spent the night talking environment, politics, education, location, etc. It was a night I haven't really experienced before, mingling with attorneys in such a formal setting, and I loved it. I was surprised I could follow most of the conversation and even had something to contribute. We sat with a guy from the EPA and an partner from the firm, it was an interesting and fun night. 

We loved being around so many trees again. It's fun to dream about living in Indiana again, law school was a fun and exciting time for us. But I think our hearts are in the West - after all, our families are there.  

at the IU/ soccer game

Emily and I cheering on the guys at the indoor game.

the crew out to dinner

Downtown, Indianapolis, IN

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Nana said...

I think everyone needs some alone time to do just waht you want and to rejuvinate. I'm so glad you go to go with Matthias.

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