more Smithsonians

Today, Wednesday, while Matthias had another day in DC, we went to the Natural History Museum and the National Zoo. The museum was packed! We didn't stay too long because I was so afraid of loosing one of the chilluns. It was the most amazing museum I have been to though. I wish we could have spent more time there.

The Zoo was the highlight of the whole DC trip! The boys and I had to take the metro from the NHM to the Zoo and transfer lines on the way. It was crazy and everything was going a million miles an hour - and the boys surprisingly napped on the metro and during the walk to the zoo. This zoo tops all I've ever been to. I was surprised there weren't many people there being that it is free, but it was so amazing. Every animal had their very own, well manicured palace. The animals were all active because the weather was superb and it was late afternoon. It was so relaxing to just stroll through. There were people jogging through and other just sitting on the benches relaxing. Some of the boys favorite animals were the Giant Pandas, the Prarie Dogs, the Sea Lions, and the Hippo. Matthias met us at the zoo and we headed back to Williamsburg from there. In my opinion, if you have kids and are in DC, you HAVE TO go to the zoo! Don't miss it!

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