hazaah, joan!

Happy, happy Birthday Joan! I hope to age as gracefully as you! We love you and wish we were there to blow out candles and toast "Hazaah!"

Our birthday toasts to you:

Matthias: "Happy Birthday Mom, my toast to you is that you will have more occasion to smile than frown in this next year of your life and that we will be able to see you enough to enjoy some of those smiles. I love you and hope that today on your birthday you have a fantastic day and are able to find time to have some birthday fun."

Andrea: "My wish for you is that all your flowers will bloom and you have a healthy year!"

Ty: "I wish you could come here to Indiana and have fun with me and you could watch a movie with me."

Beckham: "Joanie, I love you and wish you lots of laughter."

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