leaves are falling

Fall is so beautiful here in Bloomington.

My favorite season.

The grass stays green, the leaves are brilliant, the air gets crisp, and it warms my heart.

Playing in and collecting leaves has become a favorite past time this year.


Sarah M said...

i think it is offical. you have one of the most beautiful families i've ever seen.
i love fall, too, and we got conned out of ours this year. the snow fell before the leaves and it made everything brown... no pretty colors this year. :(

ads said...

Bloomington fall beat South Jordan fall by a long shot. I always have an expectant feeling when the leaves fall, looking forward to the Holidays. They'll be here before we all know it.

ads said...

Anj - beautiful pictures! I loved fall in Kentucky, the colors are amazing back in that part of the country. Looks like the boys are having a ball! By, Papa

Brad and Marci said...

There is something amazing about fall that gets me all warm a cozy inside. I really hope one day our kids can rake a pile of leaves together but we'll have looking at these fun pictures for now.

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