floating henry's fork

Our annual float down the river.

Takes approximately 2 hrs (with a little help from the motor.)

the Crew: Captain Chris to row, me the navigator, two fish scouts - Ty and Bex, rescue dog - Hutchy, and sunbather named Karrie.

must haves: snacks, sunscreen, something to laugh about, and a rescue human to rescue the rescue dog. We didn't know we needed a rescue human until Hutchy was thrown in for a swim and, well, couldn't swim after all. Poor Hutchy. Captain Chris hadn't planned on swimming so soon, but saved the dog none-the-less.

Sunbather, Rescue Dog, Captain

2 Fish Scouts

the Navigator up in the front of the boat

something to laugh about

It was a beautiful day.


Papa said...

What a fun trip down the river. Where's the picture of the poor sap who had to come get you all? He must be a stud!

Suzie said...

You guys have had such a fun summer! I'm laughing my head off at that "crack" picture!

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