cabin beauty

I doesn't matter whose view, at what angle, zoomed in or zoomed out, through a camera, and mostly through our own eyes, everyone will agree that the cabin is a beautiful place to be. It is beautiful not only for the scenery, but all can find beauty in being with family and making memories together.

Here are some of my favorite views this year.

The boys spent many hours swinging and the adults spent equal hours pushing. Bex loves to go high, and Ty loves to be twisted up and released.

Interesting thing about this photo. I scooched underneath the swing to catch this moment and took a shot just as Bex fell off of the swing, consequently I was hit in the face.

The boys followed Uncle Eric around wherever he went, and pestered him to keep playing with them. Here the boys are trailing Eric while he works on cutting wood. The best (and saddest) moment of "the following" was when Eric wanted to take Nicole out for a date night on the lake and how crushed Ty was that he was not invited. It took a lot of explaining and consoling. The boys love their Uncles.

Ty wearing his cowboy get-up, deep in thought. I really enjoy meditating up at the cabin. Evaluating life, seeing where I am at and where I would like to go. My favorite spot to do this is on the Moose Creek bridge. It seems like I haven't visited it for my thinking purposes in a few years, but I did manage this year. It was nice.

Chris with Cash baby. Karrie and Chris came in my room at 11pm to have a late night chat one night. The sat on my bed with me for 2 hrs. It was fun.

We had some fun cabin crafts this year. The boys, with large amounts of help from Nana, created their own boon-doggle sticks for their backpacks. Karrie brought up a stash of crafty things, and the girls had a craft night.

Another photo, proof of "the following." Bex is the photographer.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures this year. Bex taking a picture of the screen/glass door with his reflection in it.

The wood shed represents many hours of work for the guys. Logs cut all the same length to be neatly stacked. When you are quiet, you can hear the chipmunks inside.

Chris brought up his BB gun and Eric helped the boys shoot. Ty was a pretty good shot.


ads said...

Great times at the cabin. We hope that your boys will grow up with the same love for Moose Creek that all you kids have.

Karrie said...

good times at the cabin...we had fun with you guys!

Papa said...

Ahhh, the Moose Creek cabin - it truly heals the soul. I too find peace on the bridge, listening to the bright water chug along, the smell of pine trees in the air, feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and a gentle breeze cooling me off. I have been going there for 55 years and never tire of it. This year was an exceptional trip, big fish, excellent company, good food, happy grandchildren, and just being at peace. Thank you for making it such a special trip.

Jill Bowcutt said...

Wow! Those swing pics are great! Your boys look almost like twins with their short hair cuts. They are so handsome. I've decided I could never live away from the mountains for very long. I can't believe how much I miss them! I need a cabin.

Amelia said...

Cabins are awesome. I love it. Funny how many people I know who have cabins in that neck of the woods.

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