summer wrap-up

Being the last days of summer (fall equinox is 3 days away!), I must document some of the summery things we enjoyed.


I planted two large and colorful flowerpots this summer. They were beauties and made me smile! I set them out on my front deck. I've never had much sucess keeping plants alive... until this year. I so badly want to be like my mom and mother in law. They always have the most beautiful gardens. Maybe I will have a green thumb after all?


We camped out at Ferron again this year at Hoosier Daddy's family reunion. It was beautiful. I loved the mountain flowers, the age of my kids and the independence they are gaining. Matthias met us there after he took the bar exam the second to last day. (We won't find out the results until the end of October.) This is the only picture I took. Ty gutted and saved his fish. Bex carried his around to show everyone. When he let go of it, the fish's midsection was left indented from Bex's iron grip. I think it's eyes were bugging out as well. We enjoyed cousins and siblings, singing around the campfire; a new favorite song "Hey Lolly." We made up many-a-verse around the campfire.

Nana put on a mini Cousin Camp for the grand kids. They swam, scootered, played games, made crafts, explored Nan's garden, went to the park, fed ducks and had a sleepover. Cole and Ty have always been good little buddies and it amazes me that despite the long spans of time they are apart, they can pick up right where they left off and are the best little buds ever. They are so cute.
The biggest surprise to me was Kali and Bex. Their history has been, well, as mostly enemies, but they palled around the whole time figuring each other out and wanting nothing to do with the older kids. They had a good time. B&M, I was tempted to take Kali girl home with me, she was such a doll. Love her. and Cole too, but I haven't really spent much time with Kali and I wouldn't mind one bit to keep her as my own.


This year we tried out a new grilling technique. Pizza!


Jill Bowcutt said...

Hey! We had pizza on the grill last night! It's our favorite. I have a great homemade pizza sauce that makes it even more delish. Summer's still in full force in Texas (except for school). But man it's hot!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I am sure glad you got a minute to post! We love reading your blog! I love the blue on the flower pot, so spunky. :) Miss you guys!

ads said...

Gotta love summer - it's a time to cherish. There are so many great and fun things to do. It made me laugh to hear how Bex was holding onto his fish at Feron - I can just see him !

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